Suresh Gaggar

Mr. Suresh Gaggar has been associated with Garnet International Limited since they day of its inception, bringing with him more than 35 years of business acumen in capital markets and financial services.

Having experienced the peaks and troughs of the business, he has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the Indian financial markets. A post graduate in Commerce from the University of Rajasthan, he has the right mix of strong business roots and a history of courageous business decisions with decades of rich experience in the industry.

With a keen eye for the potentially successful businesses, he invests not only on the USP and the business case, but also people. He can connect with people across generations, making him one of the most dynamic people in the organization, fluidly co-existing with ideas of the past, truth of the present and the potential in the future. His strong analytical bent of mind combined with his rich industry involvement makes him known among his esteemed peers for rock-solid foresight in the equity market.

He believes in the idea of running the organisation like that of a lean start-up with enough fodder for the mind and soul and strives to create an office eco-system conducive to human growth and its potential.

While his heart is entrenched into business cases and bottom-line, he has his soul deep-rooted into the idea of giving back to the world what it gave to him. Engaging in broad realms of philanthropic activities with NGOs and NPOs, his theory in life is that life has no theory and that everyone has their destined purpose.